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有見及此,「香港調解今天」Hong Kong Mediation Today 網誌的建立,是為香港市民或調解員提供一個共享調解信息及交流調解知識的平台,從而協助提升香港調解專業質素及向大眾提供調解資訊。



“Mediation” is no longer a new term to the Hong Kong Citizens. They start to learn that this is a kind of alternative dispute resolution, and realize the advantages in using mediation. More and more people are interested to join the profession of mediation. Nevertheless, most of the mediators and the public do not have a proper concept of mediation. Even the accredited mediators may not process with sufficient knowledge to handle the disputes. They are somehow ‘disconnected’ to the HK mediation industry.

“Hong Kong Mediation Today” aims to act as a platform for both the mediators and the public to exchange or share mediation news and knowledge. By providing mediation articles, it hopes to maintain the best practice of mediation professionalism and provides a reliable source of information to the public.

All the articles in this blog are selected and provided by experienced and accredited mediators. Source will be stated if it is a quoted article.

If you are interested to be a Contributor or have any enquiry ,  please email to: hkyoungmediators@gmail.com for more details.


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這是一個調解資訊及知識交流平台 This is a platform for the exchange of mediation news and knowledge

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